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Handcrafted Ritual Tools

Welcome to the Original Greybeard's Wand Shop wood crafts and pagan tools! Our shop offers wooden art and tools such as wands, pendulums, and ritual daggers. Each product is individually unique and handcrafted by us with positive and healing intent.

Beautiful Wood Art

There are as many unique and inspiring wood works to create as there are magical folk that use them. I endeavor to hone my craft while creating beautiful and functional works of art.

Inspired By Nature's Magic

I love working with my hands, and feel most fulfilled when I have a creative project to occupy my spare time. Over the years, I have dabbled in many different artistic endeavors, but most enjoy working with wood in all its forms. Whether carving or crafting, nothing else speaks to me like the look, feel and smell of wood. I appreciate the natural beauty and diversity of it and consider it a most wonderful gift of nature. I am constantly experimenting with wood and other mediums, and learning from them as my craft evolves.

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